May 2012

Call No.: 895.13008 T1717
Author: 陶然.
Title: 香港當代作家作品合集選. 散文卷, 上-下冊 / [主編陶然].
Publication: 香港 : 明報月刊出版社 ; [新加坡] : 新加坡青年書局, 2011.
Call No.: 266.25125 L69378
Author: 李志剛, 1939-.
Title: 基督教與香港早期社會 / 李志剛著.
Publication: 香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司, 2012.
Call No.: 951.26 X8
Author: 薛鳳旋 (Sit, Fung-shuen, Victor).
Title: 澳門五百年 : 一個特殊中國城市的興起與發展 / 薛鳳旋編著.
Publication: 香港 : 三聯書店(香港)有限公司 : 香港浸會大學當代中國研究所 ; 澳門 : 澳門大學, c2012.
Call No.: 495.1 Z634
Author: 張西平, 1948-.
Title: 國際漢學 : 第二十二輯 = International Sinology / 張西平主編.
Publication: 鄭州 : 大象出版社, 2012.
Call No.: 895.13008 F2116
Author: 方寬烈.
Title: 濠江荒謬歲月 / 方寬烈著.
Publication: 香港 : 香港文學研究社, 2011.
Call No.: 330.95126 H2523
Author: 郝雨凡.
Title: 澳門經濟社會發展報告(2011-2012) = Annual report on economy and society of Macau (2011-2012) / 郝雨凡, 吳志良主編.
Publication: 北京 : 社會科學文獻出版社, 2012.
Call No.: 015.51044 F1991
Author: 范邦瑾.
Title: 美國國會圖書館藏中文善本書續錄 = The Continuation of descriptive catalog of rare Chinese books in the Library of Congress / 范邦瑾編著.
Publication: 上海 : 上海古籍出版社, 2011.
Call No.: 305.800951 L512
Author: Legerton, Colin.
Title: Invisible China : A journey through ethnic borderlands / Colin Legerton and Jacob Rawson.
Publication: Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, c2009.
Call No.: 951.132 B4996
Author: Bergère, Marie-Claire.
Title: Shanghai : China's gateway to modernity / Marie-Claire Bergère ; translated by Janet Lloyd.
Publication: Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, c2010.
Call No.: 280.40951132 K252
Author: Keating, John Craig William.
Title: A Protestant Church in Communist China : Moore Memorial Church Shanghai, 1949-1989 / John Craig William Keating.
Publication: Bethlehem [Pa.] : Lehigh University Press ; Lanham, Maryland : Co-published with Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., c2012.
Call No.: 760.092 R852
Author: Rouault, Georges.
Title: Georges Rouault : La notte della Redenzione : Opere grafiche e disegni / a cura di Andrea Dall'Asta S.I., Elena Pontiggia, Michele Tavola.
Publication: Pisa : Edizioni ETS, c2010.
Call No.: 704.9482 D1459
Author: Dall'Asta, Andrea.
Title: Sentire con gli occhi : L'arte della Compagnia di Gesù : Annuncio di fede e promozione della giustizia / [mostra a cura di Andrea Dall'Asta].
Publication: Milano : Galleria San Fedele, c2006.
Call No.: 951.035 P3773
Author: Pei, Huang.
Title: Reorienting the Manchus : A study of sinicization, 1583-1795 / Pei Huang.
Publication: Ithaca, NY : Cornell East Asia Series, 2011.
Call No.: 951.026 N713
Author: Nimick, Thomas G., 1958-.
Title: Local administration in Ming China : The changing roles of magistrates, prefects, and provincial officials / Thomas G. Nimick.
Publication: Minneapolis, MN : Society for Ming Studies, 2008.
Call No.: 200.95109045 Y223
Author: Yang, Fenggang.
Title: Religion in China : Survival and revival under communist rule / Fenggang Yang.
Publication: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
Call No.: 895.1351 L9267
Author: Lu, Xun, 1881-1936.
Title: The real story of Ah-Q and other tales of China : The complete fiction of Lu Xun / Lu Xun ; translated with an introduction by Julia Lovel ; with an afterword by Yiyin Li.
Publication: London : Penguin Books, 2009.
Call No.: 895.1352 W2461
Author: Wang, Anyi, 1954-.
Title: The song of everlasting sorrow : A novel of Shanghai / Wang Anyi ; translated by Michael Berry and Susan Chan Egan.
Publication: New York : Columbia University Press, c2008.
Call No.: 327.946051 M775
Author: Monteiro, Luís.
Title: Portugal e a China : Uma relação com futuro / Luís Monteiro.
Publication: Coimbra : Edições Almedina, S.A., 2012.
Call No.: 509.5109032 J321
Author: Jami, Catherine.
Title: The emperor's new mathematics : Western learning and imperial authority during the Kangxi reign (1662-1722) / Catherine Jami.
Publication: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2012.
Call No.: 950.3 L7647
Author: Lipman, Jonathan Neaman.
Title: Modern East Asia : an integrated history / Jonathan Lipman, Barbara Molony, Michael Robinson.
Publication: Boston : Pearson, c2012.
Call No.: 947.93 V451
Author: Venclova, Tomas, 1937-.
Title: Vilnius : A guide to its names and people / Tomas Venclova.
Publication: Vilnius : R. Paknio leidykla, c2009.
Call No.: 947.45 B1978
Author: Baltenas, Arunas.
Title: Vilnius / Arunas Balténas, Raimondas Paknys, Kestutis Stoskus.
Publication: Vilnius : R. Paknio leidykla, c2007.
Call No.: 914.7904 D626
Author: DK Publishing, Inc.
Title: Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania.
Publication: London ; New York, N.Y. : DK Pub., c2009.
Call No.: 914.8 B5158
Author: Berlitz Publishing Company.
Title: Copenhagen.
Publication: Singapore : APA Publications Gmbh, c2005.
Call No.: 302.50951 H2497
Author: Hansen, Mette Halskov.
Title: iChina : The rise of the individual in modern Chinese society / edited by mette Halskov Hansen and Rune Svarverud.
Publication: Copenhagen : NIAS Press, c2010.
Call No.: 271.53 M3452
Author: Markauskaite, Neringa.
Title: Jesuits in Lithuania (1608-2008) : Life, work, heritage = Jezuitai Leituvoje (1608-2008) : gyvenimas, veikla, paveldas.
Publication: Vilnius (Lithuania) : Lietuvos Nacionalinis Muziejus, c2012.
Call No.: 070.16 Z637
Author: «中華文史論叢»編輯部.
Title: 中華文史論叢 = Journal of Chinese literature and history.
Publication: 上海 : 上海世紀出版股份有限公司古籍出版社, 1962-.
Call No.: 790.2686 Z637
Author: 中國科學院. 考古研究所.
Title: 考古學報 = Acta Archaeologica Sinica.
Publication: 北京 : 考古雜誌社, 1936-.
Call No.: 620.895 L69354
Author: «歷史研究»編輯部.
Title: 歷史研究 = Historical Research.
Publication: 北京 : 中國社會科學雜誌社, 1954-.
Call No.: 302.205 I61175
Author: Macao Polytechnic Institute.
Title: Intercultural communication studies.
Publication: Macau : Macao Polytechnic Institute ; Kingston, RI : International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies, 1991-.