July 2013

Call No.: 306.951 L7838
Author: 劉偉鏗, 1943-.
Title: 地域文化研究 / 劉偉鏗著.
Publication: 南寧 : 廣西民族出版社, 2004.
Call No.: 700 C426
Author: 查常平.
Title: 人文藝術, 第二輯 = Humanities & art, Volume 2 / 查常平主編.
Publication: 貴陽 : 貴州人民出版社, 2000.
Call No.: 720 Z91
Author: 鄒暉.
Title: 碎片與比照 : 比較建築學的雙重話語 / 鄒暉著.
Publication: 北京 : 商務印書館, 2012.
Call No.: 282.092 J617
Author: 金魯賢, 1916-.
Title: 金魯賢回憶錄, 上卷 / 金魯賢著.
Publication: 香港 : 香港大學出版社, 2013.
Call No.: 951.249 T845
Author: Trojnar, Ewa.
Title: The Taiwan issues / edited by Ewa Trojnar.
Publication: Kraków : Ksiegarnia Akademicka, 2012.
Call No.: 320.951 G121
Author: Gacek, Lukasz.
Title: Chinskie elity polity Czne w XX wieku / Lukasz Gacek.
Publication: Krakow : Ksiegarnia Akademicka, 2009.
Call No.: 700.951 B9647
Author: Burnett, Katharine P. (Katharine Persis).
Title: Dimensions of originality : Essays on seventeenth-century Chinese art theory and criticism / Katharine P. Burnett.
Publication: Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press, c2013.
Call No.: 895.109 H7723
Author: Honey, David B. (David Brian).
Title: The Southern Garden poetry society : Literary culture and social memory in Guangdong / David B. Honey.
Publication: Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press, c2013.
Call No.: 378.46935 U5885
Author: Costa, José Francisco de Faria.
Title: A Universidade de Coimbra : O tangível e o intangível / [José Francisco da Faria Costa, Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho (coord.)].
Publication: Coimbra : Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, 2009.
Call No.: 951.2606 M5381
Author: Mendes, Carmen Amado.
Title: Portugal, China and the Macau negotiations, 1986-1999 / Carmen Amado Mendes.
Publication: Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, c2013.
Call No.: 575.46 Z638
Author: Zhu, Chunquan.
Title: China's wook market, trade and the environment / by Zhu Chunquan, Rodney Taylor, Feng Guoqiang.
Publication: Monmouth Junction, NJ : Science Press USA Inc., c2004.
Call No.: 895.1352 S8251
Author: Stenberg, Joshua.
Title: Irina's hat : New short stories from China / edited with an introduction by Josh Stenberg.
Publication: Portland, ME : MerwinAsia, 2013.
Call No.: 895.109 W87296
Author: Wong, Wang-chi Lawrence.
Title: Towards a history of translating : In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Research Centre for Translation, CUHK, Volume I-II / edited by Lawrence Wang-chi Wong with the assistance of Stephanie Cheuk Wong.
Publication: Hong Kong : Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, c2013.