July 2014

Call No.: 951.2604 T551
Author: 田渝
Title: 澳門近代城市法規條例工程報告彙編 / 田渝編譯 ; 金國平審定.
Publication: 澳門 : 澳門大學, 2014.
Call No.: 363.440951 R387
Author: Remick, Elizabeth J., 1966-.
Title: Regulating prostitution in China : Gender and local statebuilding 1900-1937 / Elizabeth J. Remick.
Publication: Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2014.
Call No.: 704.9485 C5986
Author: Clarke, Jeremy, 1969-.
Title: The Virgin Mary and Catholic identities in Chinese history / Jeremy Clarke, SJ.
Publication: Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, 2013.
Call No.: 209.2 T842
Author: Törmä, Minna.
Title: Enchanted by Lohans Osvald Sirén Journey into Chinese Art Minna Törmä.
Publication: Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, 2013.
Call No.:
Author: Wang, Mingming, 1962-.
Title: The West as the other : a genealogy of Chinese occidentalism / Mingming Wang.
Publication: Hong Kong : The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2014.
Call No.: 895.134 H2338
Author: Hanan, Patrick.
Title: Mirage : Anonymous / translated by Patrick Hanan.
Publication: Hong Kong : The Chinese University Press, 2014.
Call No.: 320.951 L239
Author: Lampton, David M.
Title: Following the leader : ruling China, from Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping / David M. Lampton.
Publication: Berkeley : University of California Press, 2014.
Call No.: 920.5125 F3323
Author: Feng, Chi-shun.
Title: Diamond Hill : memories of growing up in a Hong Kong squatter village / Feng Chi-shun.
Publication: Hong Kong : Blacksmith Books, 2009.
Call No.: 271.53 M1171
Title: Education for New Times : Revisiting Pedagogical Models in the Jesuit Tradition : International symposium organised by the Macau Ricci Institute, Macao, 25th-27th November 2009 / Editor, The Macau Ricci Institute.
Publication: Macau : Macau Ricci Institute, March, 2014.
Call No.: 266.20924 B4224
Author: Beijing Administrative College.
Title: History recorded on stone : The cemetery of Matteo Ricci and other foreign missionaries during four turbulent centuries / Beijing Administrative College.
Publication: Beijing : Beijing Publishing Group Ltd. and Beijing Publishing House, 2014.
Call No.: 266.2092 M865
Author: Mormando, Franco.
Title: Francis Xavier and the Jesuit missions in the Far East / edited by Franco Mormando and Jill G. Thomas.
Publication: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts : The Jesuit Institute of Boston College, 2006.
Call No.: 059.951 N175
Title: 南國學術 = South China Quarterly.
Publication: 澳門 : 澳門大學, 2014-.